About Picknic

Who, what, where, when, why, and how, but not in that order...

What is Picknic?

Picknic is a tool to help you find a fun place to go on a picnic!

Who made Picknic?

The first prototype of Picknic was made in 24 hours by the following people at a hackathon in early 2016:

Additional help was provided by the following people:

When was the first Pic(k)nic?

Picknic came to existence in January, 2016.

"The first usage of the word (picnic) is traced to the 1692 edition of Tony Willis, Origines de la Langue Fran├žaise, which mentions pique-nique as being of recent origin" - Wikipedia

However, "elegant meals outdoors were probably first eaten during the Middle Ages" - History.com

Where does the data come from?

Most of the data is gathered from open data. For example, the first picnic table data imported in to Picknic was this dataset from the City of Edmonton.

Why does this exist?

Picknic exists because picnics with friends, family, and loved ones are fun.

How can I help?

Anyone can sign up and add a new picnic table they have spotted. Please consider asking your local government to support open data, especially geospatial data of assets which the public are free to use.